Welcome to the Louie research group!

Dr. Stacey Louie is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Houston.  She teaches Environmental Engineering for undergraduates and Environmental Modeling for graduate students.

Our group’s research contributes to the fields of environmental nanotechnology and environmental fate and transport of nanoparticles, colloids, and emerging contaminants.  We are evaluating and improving nanotechnologies for advanced wastewater treatment applications.  We are also assessing the environmental health and safety implications of nanomaterials, including the inherent risks of the nanomaterial itself and the role of nanomaterials as delivery technologies to either alleviate or exacerbate the risks of other emerging contaminants.  

Our research is especially focused on surface interactions of particles and the degradation of polymeric coatings or particles in environmental systems, such as wastewater treatment plants or natural waters.  Specific research topics include adsorption of natural organic matter and biomolecules onto particle surfaces, experimental approaches to characterize and predict the properties of these adsorbed layers, the effects of surface coatings on the behavior of the particles, and the extent and rate of polymer and contaminant degradation in these complex materials.


Research assistants Sergio and Sheyda demonstrating applications of photocatalytic nanomaterials for water purification and self-cleaning surfaces at the Children’s Museum of Houston for Earth Day and STEM events

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