Ph.D. Researchers

Sheyda Shakiba

Sheyda joined as a graduate research assistant in Dec 2016.  She is investigating how interactions between biomolecules (e.g. proteins) and natural organic matter affect their adsorption to nanoparticle surfaces, as well as characterization and health and safety aspects of nanomedicines.  Sheyda previously earned her B.Sc. degree in Chemical Engineering and a minor in Economics from Sharif University of Technology in Iran.

Riya Mathew

Riya joined our group as a graduate research assistant in August 2019. Her research focuses on probing the effect of the adsorption of natural organic matter in different chemistries on the photoreactivity of nanoparticles in the removal of certain emerging contaminants. She has received a masters degree in Environmental Engineering from Anna University, India.

M.S. Researchers

Tchemongo Barakissa Berté (Kissa)

Kissa joined as a graduate research assistant in June 2019. Her current research involves a method development to investigate pesticides interactions with natural organic matter (NOM). She previously earned her B.S in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Houston in 2018.

Former M.S. Researchers

Sergio de La Fuente (Spring 2017):
Sergio earned his B.S. degree in chemical engineering from the University of Houston in 2015. His current research involves investigating the extent of macromolecule adsorption onto nanoparticles.  He also developed a hands-on water treatment activity for the Children’s Museum of Houston.  Outside of academia, Sergio is a casual musician who records his own musical creations. He also enjoys exercising, video games, and playing with his two dogs.

Sergio de la Fuente

Undergraduate Researchers

The Louie group regularly welcomes and hosts undergraduate researchers. Interested students are encouraged to email Dr. Louie to inquire about opportunities. Students are also encouraged to apply for the UH PURS and SURF scholarships, which provide additional research training and networking opportunities along with a research stipend.

Current or Entering Undergraduate Researchers

  • Oscar Leon: Investigating pollutant interactions with soil organic matter (Fall 2020)

Former Undergraduate Researchers

  • Abdullatif Maani: Prepared sampling plans for field soil sampling campaign (Spring 2020)
  • Sammie Chen: Extracted and characterized soil organic matter from field soil samples (Summer 2019)
  • Odalys Najera, Sairah Samma, and Gokul Nair: Developed outreach activity on wetlands for water treatment; investigated methods to immobilize nanoparticles for water treatment (Spring 2019)
  • Luis Barco: Investigated NOM/protein interactions with nanoparticles; co-authored a publication for contributions to the data analysis; performed literature reviews (Spring 2018, Fall 2018, Summer 2020)
  • Marcela Strane (REU student from ASU): Investigated alginate interactions with nanoparticles (Summer 2018)Juliana Tortato de Oliveira and Alex Murillo: Investigated nanoparticles for water treatment (Spring 2018)

Visiting Students

The Louie group also welcomes high school students to try research and participate in outreach activities.

Former High School Researchers

  • Anthony Chen (Bellaire High School): Prepared titanium dioxide – zeolite nanocomposites for water treatment and tested their efficacy for DEET degradation in different water chemistries; co-first-author on a manuscript (Summer 2019 to Spring 2020)
  • Jennifer Yuan (Clements High School): Prepared samples for Children’s Museum outreach activities (Summer 2017)